Case study


Taking care of Excellence

Casa Basiliotti has been helping its clients to successfully achieve their goals since 1989, meeting specific needs with innovative solutions.
Our working method is based on the interaction between design, functionality and marketing, and is designed to provide effective tools, allowing us to offer the highest level of service.

“Our goals are customer satisfaction and environmental protection,
and our work is committed to achieving these goals.”

(Simona Basiliotti)

Coca Cola
Bag Coke&Meal

Casa Basiliotti, in collaboration with ALL Communication – – ​​an agency in Milan specializing in Below the Line communication strategies, created the bags for Coca Cola’s Coke & Meal campaign in 2017 and 2018. Following a careful analysis of the client’s needs, we designed a unique product that fully met all the functional, operational and quality requirements presented by ALL Communication and Coca-Cola.