Research and development

Casa Basiliotti has established a longstanding commitment to constantly improving the services and products we offer our clients.
A crucial element of this commitment is designing and patenting our own new solutions.

Street Bag

Design and functionality

The latest success from our Research and Development Unit is the Street Bag, a reusable shopping bag that solves the problem of the inconvenience of transporting traditional bags by making it easy to carry comfortably on the shoulder. It was patented in 2016, and what really sets it apart is its particular manufacturing process, which has resulted in a significant reduction of costs. The Street Bag was designed for luxury brands and conventions, but is suitable for much more besides. This innovative, versatile bag, with its stylish design and impressive strength, is fully customizable with prints, paillettes, company logos, and so on.

Rain Cover

Safeguarding excellence

The Rain Cover is a transparent waterproof cover for shopping bags. It was patented by Basiliotti in 2014, when the company recognised the need to protect shopping bags and their contents from humidity and rain and, more generally, to prevent staining or damage. In line with the company’s environmental policy, it is produced in Green PE Braskem, a biopolymer obtained from renewable sources such as sugar cane, manifesting a genuine ethical commitment to sustainable development, while guaranteeing the same technical and aesthetic characteristics as traditional plastics. The Rain Cover is a simple and practical